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The Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline, Inc. (ARPH) is a not-for-profit organization that is composed of volunteers who are dedicated to the Australian Shepherd breed. These volunteers receive no payment except the sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction found in placing an orphaned Aussie into a loving, caring, and permanent home.

 Our Rescue Representatives, Foster Homes,and Other Volunteers are accepted after a thorough background check. Each receives instruction in proper placement procedures and the care of rescue dogs. In addition to reps and foster homes who deal directly with the dogs, ARPH has other volunteers who perform many varied and necessary tasks. The ARPH Team is comprised of people with all sorts of experiences"from breeders to pet owners"and each volunteer brings his or her own individual expertise to the rescue effort.

Those interested in adopting through ARPH are asked to complete an online adoption application. Once the application is received it is forwarded to the representative in the adopter's area.

ARPH's standard adoption fee for a fully vetted dog is $300 U.S. Any donations above the standard fee will help to offset any necessary expenses, and are tax deductible (for U.S. residents only). Occasionally, the fee may be lowered for special needs dogs and some senior dogs. Unaltered puppies require an additional spay/neuter deposit which is refunded upon proof of spay/neuter, per ARPH's adoption contract. Although ARPH charges an adoption fee for Aussies we place in new homes, this is never enough to cover our expenses. Ordinary vet costs (vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm test and preventative, etc.) often exceed adoption fees, and we never recoup the day-to-day, miscellaneous expenses of housing foster dogs. When we commit to a dog that requires special care or surgery, these costs can become exorbitant. Sometimes foster space isn't available, and we may need to board a dog temporarily. All of these costs quickly add up. We need your help to be able to provide the best care possible for homeless Australian Shepherds. Giving a donation to our organization not only helps pay for ordinary expenses, but also helps us with our many extraordinary expenses. This donation is tax deductible too!!