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Meet Shadow ARPH #13163. Shadow is a black tri, born 9/25/15 and was raised from a pup by a young family that came on hard times when he was a year old and asked if rescue could find him the right home. Shadow is being fostered near Carlisle PA. 

   Shadow is neutered, microchipped and current on vaccinations including Lyme and on preventatives. Shadow is crate trained, housebroken, rides well in the car,  is a very good patient at the vets, and allows his foster mom to do anything to him including a bath, brushing and nail trims with dremel, and a tolerates a force air dryer. He's a nice size, weighing just over 50 pounds and very compact and agile.  

   His first home had a cat he played with and a toddler and did well with them. They said he was reactive to people when they first came over but would settle down once they came in. In his foster home, Shadow lives with three other Aussies and three cats. We also have a few geese that we observed him herding into the barn, so he does have some potential to learn to herd properly.  We don't get many visitors, but Shadow wasn't any more excitable than the other Aussies here.  Shadow is enjoying running and catching Frisbees and swimming in the pond and playing with the younger Aussie, but Shadow needs his very own forever family that has the time to give him the extra training to polish this diamond in the rough.  He is very trainable and willing to please and is aptly named, as he likes to stay close to his people and likes to snuggle, and his stubby tail wags non-stop. This dog has the potential to put a dog sports enthusiast in the ribbons.

   He is very high energy, has a very high play drive, and would be perfect for someone looking for a new agility, Frisbee, or Flyball partner.  He wants to play constantly and is exuberant, so he gets very excited when he's on a leash and sees other people and dogs. This was a problem for his first adopter, but an Aussie savvy, experienced owner that has trained through this issue with other dogs may be able to work through this and get him focused on his handler with attention training.  On a "field trip" to a pet supply store with his foster mom, he was very friendly to the other shoppers and small dogs on a leash and can behave in public with an assertive, firm handler that can build his confidence.  However, a walk out on a hiking trail was more of a challenge for him and was giving good attention and focus until others on the trail got close and he over reacts. His first owner says that bicycles and four wheelers really got his wild frenzied chase mode in gear and hard to control.

   Although he was raised with a cat, and does okay with the three cats in his foster home, he was very intent on the cats in his first adopters home since there wasn't another dog there to play with and made quite a menace of himself with them, which was the reason for his return, besides his reactivity on leash when outdoors.  He will chase the cats to play, but that can be a problem for some cats and owners. For this reason, we think a home with another playful Aussie or young dog in his league to play with and no cats, or at least cats that are young and playful and have places to get away from him or just know to stand their ground and not run would be best for all concerned. He really seems to need a doggie playmate. He's only a year old, so will calm down in time.

   His original home and now his foster home is out in the country with no close neighbors, which is an ideal place for these dogs. His first owner reports that he would bark at the neighbors but then would play with the kids that would come over and with the neighbors dogs and really enjoys the company of other dogs.  We're not able to observe behavior with close neighbors and he doesn't seem to pay any attention to what traffic goes by, but wouldn't trust him not to chase bicycles if they went by.  Since his first adopter saw him being reactive to seeing other people, a fenced yard in a more populated area would be needed. He has a big fenced yard that he stays in on nice days with the other dogs in his foster home but has the luxury of wide open spaces to run and play off lead a few times a day which would be ideal in his forever home, but not a requirement. He does need a lot of exercise on an daily basis and needs mental stimulation. He's a fun and very lovable dog, and should give the right owner many years of enjoyment.  His pros outweighs his cons, which is only chasing the cats if they run and being over reactive to seeing other people and dogs when he's out on a leash. If that's not a deal breaker for you and you are an approved adopter, you can contact Letha.