IMPORTANT: Potential adopters must first complete an adoption application and be approved before contacting any rep about available dogs.


Maryland has an ARPH license plate, contact aussieplates@yahoo.com for more info


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Meet Biggie! Biggie is a two-year-old male neutered goof of an Australian Shepherd. 

Biggie is an adorable BIG Aussie- he weighs approximately 88lbs, but could probably lose a few pounds. He is a beautiful dog with a full coat that is mostly white with some red merle markings on his back and legs, ice blue eyes, and a wagging nubbin of tail. His looks get a lot of attention from passer-bys when he walks in his foster neighborhood!

He is housebroken, and is not crate trained. He has not at all been destructive at his foster home. He is a smart, food-motivated dog, that has learned "sit" and "down" in response to hand signals while in fostercare. 

Biggie is a curious and enthusiastic dog who loves to do many things. At the top of his list are walks. Biggie walks beautifully on a leash, naturally at a "heel" position without pulling. He likes to walk slowly, taking in all the sights and smells. He also loves chasing after a ball in the backyard, and will carry the ball inside until you're ready to play again. 

One the biggest joys of caring for Biggie is how excited he gets when you see him. One of his favorite things to do when you walk in the door is to tuck between your legs and gaze lovingly up at you while he awaits your pets. He is a classic Aussie velcro dog.

He is friendly with all other dogs he's met in foster-care, and is patient and deferent with his older bossy foster-fursister. He's also friendly with strangers.

Biggie is a homozygous merle Australian Shepherd and is deaf. Due to this, he sometimes appears fearful on walks when taken by surprise by humans, dogs, or cars. He also doesn't know his own size and can run into unsuspecting human legs, tries to squeeze in tight spots between furniture, and sometimes doesn't realize that he's too big to be a lapdog. As a young Aussie, he is relatively high energy and needs daily walks and play sessions- as he does show evidence of obsessively licking his paws if bored.

Biggie will make a fabulous, loyal, playful and loving friend to his future forever home. He is currently being fostered in Pittsburgh. If you’re an approved ARPH adopter and interested in meeting Biggie or learning more, please contact  
Maribeth .


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Meet Coco, she is 9 years old and 87lb.  Yep Coco is on a diet and working hard to get her girly figure back.    Coco is a very sweet girl and is having fun playing with her much younger foster brother.  She does need a little manners training but not much. Coco just wants to please and works hard to do what she is asked.

She is looking for someone patient and consistent on her healthy diet, exercise and socialization.  Coco behaves well on leash and loves to go on walks. 

Coco would do great with someone who is not looking for an active Aussie.  No agility or herding for this girl.  Don’t get us wrong this girl has a lot of life left in her she just would rather enjoy it at a slower pace.  If you want to learn more about Coco please contact


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Are you looking for the best friend of a lifetime? Lonely and needing someone to follow you and be your constant companion?
That maybe me, my name is Peekaboo, or Peek for short. In actuality, you may call me by any name you'd like, you see, I am deaf. I am sadly the result of a merle to merle breeding and I need to find a home with patience, a kind hand and someone willing to teach me about life. Being dumped on the street as a young guy, shouldn't be what life is about, especially when I have a disability, but that's exactly what happened to me. I'm about 2 yrs old and I've never known love until rescue saved me from shelter life. It's tuff being deaf and being shuffled from shelter to shelter and now rescue, I'd really love a place to lay my head, and learn to relax and enjoy life with someone special to me. I'm a very lovable and snuggly type of guy, just need a person to love and snuggle with. I would prefer to be your only pet, as I do not like sharing my human. I want all the attention I can possibly soak up. If you think your heart is big enough for a special guy like me, please fill out the ARPH adoption form and let's see if we can have a "death do us part" arrangement. I am currently being fostered in Rehoboth, MA . Peek has been recently neutered and is up to date with vaccines.

If already approved contact