IMPORTANT: Potential adopters must first complete an adoption application and be approved before contacting any rep about available dogs.


Maryland has an ARPH license plate, contact aussieplates@yahoo.com for more info


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Who can resist this little girl?   Holly is a 3.5 month old puppy. Snow was her mother. Holly is playful, silly, and loves her toys and other dogs. If you are interested in Holly, she is being fostered in the Morgantown WV area. Contact Maribeth if you are an approved adopter and interested in Holly.


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Mack is a 9 year old (Handsome!) male Black-Tri Australian Shepherd looking for his forever home. The freckles are just an added bonus. He is very polite and smart and loves toys, long walks, belly rubs and cuddling. He is super sweet and loving in his 65 lb wiggly frame. He's got some weight to lose, but he carries it well and is quite handsome at any size. He should weigh closer to 55 lbs with a little exercise and meal portioning (and a few less treats!).

Mack wants his very own family to love, adore and be loyal to. He's a little selfish that way. He wiggles up to everyone he meets.

Mack will do best in a home with no other pets and older children (He could accidentally knock over small children).
He was not well socialized with dogs and cats at an early age. So now at the age of 9, he's only recently been introduced to dogs and cats. He likes to meet dogs when out on walks -- He just does not understand what it means to share. When it comes to food, treats and water ... Mack wants it all to himself. That's when he wants to throw his weight around. He has no idea his size alone will intimidate another dog.

Mack lost his last home of 9 years when they got a new puppy and sent Mack packing. He deserves so much better than that.

With his foster home - he's been learning to behave well with dogs but when things don't go his way - he's just not nice, so ARPH wants to make sure he isn't stressed and can live in a loving environment where he's the center of attention with all his own toys and treats. He will be your best buddy and friend all the days of his life.
Macks is fostered in WV.  If you are interested in Mack, and are an approved adopter, please contact Tami .


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Meet Dozer a/k/a Rusty ARPH #13835! He is a sweet 3 year old neutered red tri looking for his forever home! He is up to date on all vaccinations and is heartworm negative. He now weighs about 40 pounds but could add a little more. He is housebroken, crate trained and good with people. His foster home has a 13 year old son with whom he's been great. He was never around dogs before, and while he is working on his dog manners, he will do best in an only dog home. No cats as he has never lived with one.  He walks well on a leash and loves going for walks. He is sweet, energetic and happy.  If someone was interested in training him for agility, he has the skills!  He loves toys and fetch and settles nicely in the car. A traditionally fenced yard will be required as he loves to run and play. He is being fostered in Bryn Mawr, PA.  If you might be able to give this sweet boy his forever home, please contact Kay.


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Are you looking for a BFF?  Meet Petunia!  This adorable little Aussie (she’s 34 lbs) is looking for her perfect home.  She’s young – only about 2.5 years.  She gets along great with dogs and cats.  She’s a cuddler, and a real people pleaser. 

Although she’s young, Super Sweet Petunia does well with moderate activity.  She LOVES to go on long walks and gets excited when she sees the leash!   She is also a good jogging partner and would likely excel at agility.  She is also very comfortable lounging on the sofa!

Petunia came to ARPH from West Virginia where she was likely a backyard breeder.  Through her foster family, she is learning how to be a dog – she’s enjoying it and gaining confidence every day.

She is shy and a bit skittish, but does not have an aggressive bone in her body.  When she came to her foster family she didn’t know what stairs were, wasn’t fully housebroken, didn’t know how to sit and had no idea what a “treat” was.  She used to be nervous riding in the family’s car and jeep, but jumps in and out like a pro!   Through lots of love, patience and guidance from her foster family brother, sister, two cats and a very dog friendly neighborhood, Petunia is doing great!

Petunia has brown soulful eyes that will melt your heart.  This special little Aussie is a real diamond in the “ruff”.  She needs a patient and loving human (and possibly a canine) to help her become an amazing dog.  The foundation is there – she just needs a little attention and focus.  She’ll repay you with unwavering loyalty and lots of cuddling!

She would do best in a home with lots of adult human contact, maybe someone that works from home, can bring her to their office, or is an active retiree.  She’s met several young kids and quite frankly, they  stress her out -- so limited exposure to young kids is ideal.  Petunia is also not a fan of heavy traffic, busses or loud trucks. 

Petunia currently lives with two Aussies an 8 year old male and a 13 year old female – she gets along great with both.  She follows the male’s every move and is especially respectful of the senior female.  And as much as the family’s two cats try to provoke her, she simply doesn’t take the bait!

She has been crated and will occasionally go in it to hang out, but after a couple of weeks in their home her foster family hasn’t felt the need to crate her on a regular basis.  Petunia does NOT do well crated all day.  Because she is still learning to be a dog, she has little interest in toys or balls.  And she’s not the kind of dog that you can let out in the back yard or open space to run – she enjoys and NEEDS to be on her leash with her human.

Petunia is being fostered in Virginia If you think
YOU could be HER BFF and are approved, please contact Karen for more information.