If you have an Aussie in need of placement, please read on.

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ARPH is a volunteer organization, we do not have a shelter. Our dogs are kept in the homes of volunteers who serve as foster homes while adoptive homes are found. Due to this we can only take in a limited number of dogs at a time and we can only accept purebred Aussies into ARPH.
 We do not take dogs who have a known history of being aggressive. For the same reason that you cannot keep a dog that bites or is aggressive, another home would not wish to adopt it.
 All dogs are evaluated by one of our volunteers prior to being accepted into the program. If the dog passes evaluation then we will work with you to find the best option for placing your Aussie. If it is accepted into the ARPH program and placed into a foster home we will ask you to sign an owner surrender which gives ARPH custody of the dog . We will also request copies of all vet work as well as any registration papers.

 If your dog was purchased from a breeder/kennel your first step is to contact them and see if they would take their dog back. Many breeders have contracts stipulating that if a dog needs to be rehomed they have the right of first refusal.

 If your dog was adopted from a shelter or another rescue group please check your adoption contract to see if the dog must be returned to them. Many shelters/rescues do require dogs be returned if you can no longer keep them.

 If you purchased from a pet store or the breeder will not take the dog back you should then complete our listing application.

Please Note: If you need to rehome a dog please contact us as far in advance as possible. Foster space is NOT always available. We are volunteers and may not be able to help you with a few days notice. PLAN AHEAD!